Sandra K.

Life Coach &


There are only a few people in this world that truly 'get it'. To find those who do is always a treat. From the first few minutes of the thorough excitement of the team at SED, I knew we were a good match. The connection in the room was electric, and I've always felt that that was where good ideas come from. Our working relationship was no exception. The production done by Philip and his team has been incredibly important in my growth as a public persona, and the output has been invaluable in my development as a world-wide life coach. Having the right design was incredibly important to me. The right description, even more so. Their team does it every time and I am completely pleased. What really amazes me is that sometimes I get these unbelievable compliments about my web site and about my videos, and they say that my material matches my personality. That is hard to find! Thank you Philip and Amy, your hard work is evident and your dedication pays off in stars!

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