Jessie's Pets

Pets and Sweaters

I'm Jessie and I own Pets and Sweaters - well, really the bank owns it, but I'm working on it. I use SouthEast Digital to produce my videos. I started walking dogs while in the seventh grade. After several years of successful dog-walking, I started a small private kennel. In my spare time I created clothing and jackets for dogs. I design with the dog's shape in mind, usually customized, and I use special materials to keep their fur from matting or tangling. I needed some creative appeal, and was lucky to have met Philip. We worked together on a couple of ideas that transformed my business from small to HUGE! What I do is create a six or seven minute video brochure to attract new clients. They are cheap to hand out, really expressive, fun to shoot and they explain the whole process of what I do - all without me saying a word! It also gives my potential client the ability to process my sales material on their own time. The videos have recently graduated from DVDs to web-based viewing, which costs me even less to produce. I am happy with SED's work and will continue to use them for my video production, marketing and other media needs.

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